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Please call our dedicated support line at +1-281-310-0852 or e-mail us at

If you are contacting PRG support in order to request a version upgrade or a new release that you are entitled to under your current support agreement, please send that request to along with your software license number.

PRG Technical support is available to ALL PRG customers with a current support agreement/service plan. If you purchased your PRG software through a reseller, you can still contact our main office for support as long as you have a current service plan in place.

When submitting a support request via e-mail, we highly recommend you include your model file along with your support request. This will give our support team the best chance of providing a thorough and quick response.

For answers to some commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ page: FAQs

Paulin Research Group now has a dedicated software support team. They will be available Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) between the hours of 8 AM - 6 PM Houston time (Central US Time Zone - GMT -6:00).

PRG uses GoToMeeting online conferencing software to communicate and work with our customers. We are currently evaluating the use of GoToAssist to make this process even easier for our customers.

For software support related to BOS Fluids, please submit your support request by e-mail to:

PAULIN Research Group Major Software Release - 2014
PRG is proud to announce a major release of version 7.0 of FEPipe and version 9.0 of NozzlePRO. This release includes new functionality, significant enhancements to current functionality, and imrpoved GUIs. To see a summary of the new features that will be included in this release, please see the flyer we have prepared by clicking HERE.


Customers with ACTIVE software maintenance & support ("SMS") agreements - "on support"

Version 7.0 of FE/Pipe and version 9.0 of NozzlePRO are now available for downlioad for those customers who are current on their software maintenance and support agreements. ("SMS") Customers with a support agreement in good standing may send a request for the new version to When making the request, please try to inlcude your software license number. (It will have the form FP-nnnnn for FEPipe licenses or NP-nnnnn for NozzlePRO licenses where nnnnn is a five digit number) If you do not provide your license number, it may delay the process.

Customers with EXPIRED software maintenance & support ("SMS") agreements - "off support"

If you or your company has allowed your support agreement to expire/lapse, you will need to contact the PRG sales department and first renew your software maintenance and support agreement with PRG before you can request this major new version of our software. To do so simply send an e-mail to the PRG sales group at