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PAULIN Research Group is first and foremost a research and software product development company. As such, we perform consulting from time to time when we feel it will either greatly benefit a key customer that has a unique problem to solve or when we feel that working on the project will benefit our research and software. Finally, we sometimes take on a consulting job when we feel that by doing so we will gain a better understanding of the way in which our customers use our FEA products.

As such, we do not accept most requests from our clients to provide consulting services. When we can, we refer our csutomers to many other consulting firms that we have longstanding relationships with.

So, if you have need for consulting, please do ask us for help. If we can, we will. If we can't help, we will refer you to one of our another consulting firm that will hopefully be able to provide you with top quality service.

PRG Provides Consulting for the following:

If you would like PRG to provide your company with an estimate to perform FEA or other analysis on your models/designs, please call us at our main number (+1-281-920-9775) and ask for sales, or submit your request for a quote to our sales group by e-mail at:

One of our key technology and consulting partners, Dynaflow Research Group (DRG) also provide world class Static & Dynamic Fluid Flow analysis and simulation in order to provide in-depth information on the impact of the fluid flow on the surrounding piping and equipment.

For our consulting work, PRG will use our FEA-based software where it adds value, but we will also work with other modelling and analysis applications that your company may require such as CAESAR II, Compress, ANSYS, etc.

Some areas where our technology and expertise will provide consulting value are: