FE/Pipe with PCL-Gold: Get FEA results without having to learn a new piping or FEA program!

Paulin Research Group - ABOUT US
PRG Past - Our History

Founder and President Tony Paulin, PE, is the original author and architect of the CAESAR II pipe stress analysis program and established PRG to apply the latest FEA technology to the piping and pressure vessel industries.  Founded in 1991, PRG has enjoyed steady and stable growth and expanded its products and features through physical testing and sheer tenacity.  We employ a personal style of doing business which sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

PRG Present - Who We Are

PRG develops FEA-based software for the Power, Petrochemical, Offshore & Chemical industries.  We offer three software products for your varying analysis needs:

FE/Pipe is PRG’s complete and full-featured FEA package for the pressure vessel and piping engineer.  Analysis individual or multi-component geometries to consider the interaction between multiple nozzles, saddles, clips, lugs, bends, etc.

NozzlePRO is a component analysis tool for piping and pressure vessels. The tool brings the accuracy of the finite element method to the engineering community for general design and analysis. NozzlePRO technology is a significant improvement over the limitations inherent in WRC 107/297 methods.

PCLGold is an advanced pipe stress analysis tool that gives the skilled analyst the technology to perform thorough analysis of compound models that include piping, structural, rotating equipment, vessel, and other common PVP plant components. PCLGold is currently included with FE/Pipe license sales. PRG is working hard to identify the right time and method to release PCLGold as a standalone pipe stress program.

BOS Fluids models steady state and transient flow in liquid or gas carrying piping systems.  The program estimates slugging conditions and models unsteady flow conditions.

Consulting is commonly performed for key clients and to support the ongoing PRG research and development initiatives. Many new prodcut features come out of the consulting that PRG performs. PRG also works with a network of close technology partners to refer consulting jobs when our staff is not available.  

At PRG we are in the business of helping our customers solve problems.  Our goal is to develop software that will help find the “right” answer, and not simply “good enough”.

PRG Future - Where We Are Going

PRG is dedicated to:

  1. Continuing to provide our customers with advanced technology and techniques for performing engineering tasks and analyses.  We go beyond the standard bells and whistles to focus on providing the engineer with results which are right and not simply “good enough”.
  2. Continuing to provide our customers with the personal and savvy technical support that they have come to expect.  Our support team develops the software.  We don’t outsource our support.
  3. Continue to improve our marketing, sales and communication with our customers so that they have access to the most up-to-date information on products, training and webinars.