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PRG-2018 New Version Release of both NozzlePRO and FEPipe

PAULIN Research Group is pleased to announce the release of FEPipe version 10.0 and NozzlePRO version 12.0.

If you are a customer that is current on support, or had your support expire AFTER April 15, 2017, you have the right to download and use the version of your Licensed program. If your support expired BEFORE April 15, 2017, please send an email to to get a support reinstatement quote.

To request a link to the latest installer please contact and provide the following information:

Please note that the download file is fairly large.  Download times will vary between 3 – 30 minutes, depending on traffic, location and connection speed.

Only clients with valid Software Maintenance & Service (SMS) as of 15 April 2017, and whose accounts are in good standing, will be eligible to receive the new version.  As always, SMS-dependent modules are only activated for clients with active SMS.

Here is a brief summary of the new major features we think will be of interest to most customers.


For more detailed information on the software release, you can download our summary document by clicking on the filename here: NewFeaturesFPv10NPv12.pdf.

If you have any questions about the new version release, or the process to get it, please feel free to get in touch with us by sending an email to  Having an email record of your request will help us make sure any questions get addressed by the right group within PRG (sales, support, or development).

Q4 2017 Company Updates & Announcement
Important Industry News - B31J - 2017

The ASME B31 Committees recently officially released the new Standard we refer to as "B31J - 2017". This officially makes B31J - 2017 available and part of the B.31 Code. This is a fundamental transformation for pressure vessel and piping design, and it will impact virtually every PVP design project in the future. B31J marks the first major improvement in the treatement of SIFs, k-factors, and SSIs in the Code in the last 40+ years. For those who take the time to understand and implement this new approach, more accurate designs, a reduction in costs related to design, construction, and lifecycle maintenance of a plant, and a simultaneous improvement in safety will be possible. For More information on B31J and FEATools, please click HERE.

Recent and Upcoming Webinars on New Product Features

PRG recently presented two informative Webinars on the new functionality in all of our products.

The first was on September 28, 2017. The Title of this Webinar was: "B31J - 2017 details, BOS B31 2-phase flow and water hammer, SS and transient thermal loads in pipe shoes"

To view a recorded video of this Webinar on our YouTube Channel, click HERE.

The second was on November 15, 2017. The Title of this Webinar was: "ASME Section VIII - Div. 2 Nonlinear Nozzle Design Rules & B31J - Consistent Guidelines"

To view a recorded video of this Webinar on our YouTube Channel, click HERE.

Our Future Webinar Topics (to be presented in early 2018) Are:
PAULIN Research Group Core Products
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Template-based FEA of complex PVP structures
Rapid single component FEA modeling & analysis
Advanced FEA-based pipe stress analysis. Currently part of FEPipe.
A Revolution in Piping Design and Analysis: FEATools™


PRG is proud to announce that Intergraph is now selling, distributing, and providing support for a new PRG product called FEATools™. This product is a valuable collection of easy to use FEA analysis modules and a CAESAR II FEA "Translator" (conversion program) that will significantly improve designs and stress analysis of piping systems. More information on FEATools™ can be found on the Intergraph web site by clicking HERE.

PRG and Intergraph presented two detailed joint webinars on this product and technology that presented both commercial and technical information on the value provided to a CAESAR II user. Links to these two Webinars are provided below:

CAESAR II Webinar : Let Industry Experts Run FEA on Your CAESAR II Models - Part 1 of 2
CAESAR II Webinar : Let Industry Experts Run FEA on Your CAESAR II Models - Part 2 of 2

If you are interested in buying FEATools™, please contact your Intergraph sales representative. If you are unable to contact your Intergraph sales representative, please e-mail

FEA Technology for Rapid Stress Analysis of Piping & Pressure Vessels

PRG's FEA technology can help you quickly and easily deal with geometry, material, load, and other complex issues that fall outside Code limits or that are not properly addressed by WRC-107, WRC-297, Zick calculations, and other industry standards. Our software also provides FEA-based solutions for ASME Section VIII- Division 2 requirements.

Your engineering staff should use FEA analysis if they are involved in pressure vessel or pipe stress analyis and design. Our FEA software uses templates to quickly perform stress analysis of pipes, piping systems, nozzles, tanks, and other components typically found in the pressure vessel and piping industry. FEA techniques are of extreme value when dealing with components or systems that involve any of the following:

  • Inaccurate SIFs
  • Inaccurate Flexibilities
  • Large d/D Geometries
  • AIV
  • Many or complex load cases
  • Path-dependent friction
  • Non-convergent Friction
  • Overstressed beam models
  • Strong temperature gradients
  • Thermal bowing
  • D/T > 100
  • D/T > 50 with high Press.
  • D/T > 50 with high loads
  • Corrosion
  • Nozzles with high loads
  • Piping with external loads 
  • High axial stresses
  • Thin-walled pipe
  • High thermal cycles
  • High pressure cycles
  • Glass-lined pipe
  • Refractory-lined pipe
  • Hot sustained cases
  • Seismic analysis
  • Wind analysis
  • Other impact loads
  • Complex loading
  • High branch stresses
  • Low cycle fatigue
  • Complex pipe supports

Use our FEA Technology to Check Your Beam or Shell Model Results

NozzlePRO or FEPipe can be quickly used to model a single component and to then validate/check the stess, loads, or displacements calculated by your existing design software. If the results are in agreement, it is a good indication that your beam model solution is reasonable. If the results differ, it means you as the designer or analyst should take a closer look at this component. With PCL-Gold, our new pipe stress module within FE/Pipe, you can directly import CAESAR II models and apply our FEA technology to do the following:

For a price quote on any PRG product, please call +1-281-920-9775 and ask for sales, or e-mail